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SEO Copywriting

natural, organic leads.

Conquering Google's front page is a very achievable task, and one that we happen to be pretty good at (just Google "Singapore Freelance Copywriter" and you'll find us among the top listings on Google - a spot we've been maintaining for 3 years and counting. Or perhaps, that's how you found us?).

Why invest in SEO copywriting? It's simple.

  • Research consistently shows that people intrinsically trust organic search results
  • Google AdWords can be very expensive (especially in popular industries)
  • Digital advertising platforms can be costly, and are only effective if you can achieve high conversation rates
  • Being number 1 in Google's search results means a whopping 32.5% of all searches will visit your website. The business in position 10 receives only 2.4% of the audience (despite still being on page 1). If you're on page 2? That number is less than 1%. 
  • The free leads you'll receive from being ranked highly on Google will return your investment on SEO copywriting in no time!

What does this mean for your business? If 5,000 people a month search for your product or service (i.e. "Yoga wear Singapore") and your business is ranked at number one thanks to good SEO copywriting, approximately 1,625 people will visit your website every month. Convert those leads into sales, and think about how much money that will deliver to your business every single month.

This is the new age of digital marketing. Invest in quality SEO copywriting that's proven to deliver. It could be the most profitable investment you make this year.  

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