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15 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Freelance Copywriter Is Better Than Penning Your Own Ads


15 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Freelance Copywriter Is Better Than Penning Your Own Ads

Kevin Lim

Often times, business owners make the mistake of trying to do too much too often. Nowhere is this more evident than in a company's sales and marketing department.

The person running the business tries to write all their own ads and create every single sales letter for their products and services. But, because they're already stretched for time, these attempts often fall flat and actually hurt the brand.

Don't make this mistake. Hire a professional freelance copywriter in Singapore instead. Here's why:


1. They know what they're doing

A professional freelance copywriter creates ads for a living. They are masters of their craft and spend lots of time learning the art of selling. By hiring a copywriter, you are getting years of advertising experience to help ensure that your sales letters are as effective as possible. 


2. They save you time

Copywriting can be tough. Especially if you aren't used to doing so. Instead of racking your brain and spending hundreds of hours trying to come up with your next big marketing idea, get professional help instead. This way you can focus on other aspect of your business or take some time to relax.


3. They do their research

A big part of sales is knowing what does and doesn't work. This is something that many companies have to spend thousands of dollars researching before they can create their own “in-house” advertisements. You can save yourself time, and money, by working with a trained copywriter instead. They've already done their homework and know exactly what will help your products to sell.


4. They can think “Outside The Box”  

A good Singapore freelance copywriter can find creative angles to help generate interest in your product and boost sales. This is great for growing your business and getting new customers.


5. They can create a “Unique Selling Proposition”  

Copywriters are trained to ind ways in which they can make your product really stand out. They know how to give it a unique marketing edge that turns your brand into something distinct and memorable. This sets you apart from all your competitors.


6. They produce measurable results  

Unlike other forms of marketing, copywriters are about to gauge the effectiveness of their ads. This lets you run sales letters that work well, while shelving ones that don't. 


7. They can create “The Ultimate Sales Staff”  

A good sales letter will keep on selling no matter what. It will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's the ultimate sales tool.


8. They know who buys what  

Copywriters study the market and know which groups are most likely to buy your product. This allows them to craft ads that appeal directly towards the types of people you'd like to do business with.


9. They can connect with your customers  

Sometimes it can be hard for creators to connect with consumers Using a freelance copywriter in Singapore will bridge this gap. They know how to get the point across in a way that buyers understand.


10. They can enhance your brand

Great copywriters are capable of building up a company's brand image. This takes an ordinary business and makes it extra special. It will help sales and get people talking about you and your products.


11. They write in a compelling manner

You can never bore people into buying your goods. Copywriters know this. As a result, they make their messages interesting and engaging. Keeping their audience hooked from start to finish.


12. They know what's popular   

Different types of ads are like clothing. They go in and out of style. A copywriter can make sure that your material is timeless and doesn't come across as outdated or cheesy.


13. They can increase your sales without increasing your prospects   

A copywriter can increase the percentage of people who buy your product. If 100 people see your ad and only one buys, a copywriter can improve on this. They can make it so that three out of 100 people buy, tripling your profits without you having to increase your exposer. 


14. They are affordable

Hiring a qualified freelance copywriter will more than pay for itself. Their work will lead to your business getting more sales and more customers. It's a small investment with tremendous rewards.


15. They help your business grow  

The biggest advantage to using a freelance copywriter in Singapore is the fact that they'll give your company the boost it needs. You spend a lot of time and effort building your business. Having professionally crafted ads can showcase your hard work and dedication to providing customers with the things they need. This gets more people to buy from you and allows your business to help the people who need it most.


Image credit:
Reuben Ingber