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Freelance Copywriter Singapore Blog: Why Good Copywriting is Like Having a “24 Hour Sales Team”


Freelance Copywriter Singapore Blog: Why Good Copywriting is Like Having a “24 Hour Sales Team”

Kevin Lim

A well crafted sales letter, written by a good Singapore freelance copywriter, can do more for your company's profits than a whole staff of employees ever could.

In fact, persuasive copywriting can often sell just as much as a talented sales team can.   

Because of this, you should really consider using written advertisements to convert prospects into buyers. Especially if you don't have the money, or time, to create a full fledged 24 hour team of salespeople.

Here are three ways that good copy is like having a sales staff that never stops working for you:


You Can Reach New Prospects Anytime, Anywhere  

Face-to-face selling is nice, but it has one major drawback. You can't be everywhere at once. At some point you have to go home, or go to sleep, or get something to eat. And when this happens, you have to take a break from sales.

Copy doesn't have this problem. It works whether you're there or not.

Sales letters can continuously reach new clients and prospects no matter the time of day. At two in the morning your sales letters could be earning you thousands of dollars in new business, all while you're sound asleep in bed.


You Can Answer Questions And Clear Up Buyer Concerns   

A big expense for companies is the support staff. These are sales people who have to work phone lines, or visit prospects in person, and answer any questions or concerns they might have. 

A sales letter will often do this for you. Many good sales letters lay out exactly what the product will do and exactly what kinds of results the buyer can expect. This reduces the prospect's fears and makes them far more likely to order from you.

A single piece of copy (written by a single freelance copywriter in Singapore) can often save you from spending thousands of dollars on support staff or salespeople who specialise in reassuring potential buyers.


You Can Close Deals And Get Orders  

Lastly, copy will often make a “complete sale” for you, without any interference. This means that prospects will look at your letter, read through it and end up with enough information to make an informed buying decision.

With sales staff, this process can often take multiple calls and visits. But here you can do everything in one sitting.

If you want an effective system that pulls more orders in less time, you need to invest in a quality sales letter. It will have a huge impact on your company's performance.



Sales letters are great and they can often do the work of a dozen employees, without any supervision.

Copy will sell for you 24 hours a day, never taking a break. It will also clear up a lot of customer concerns, making people more confident in your brand. And, lastly, you can complete entire orders without ever having to make a sales call or set up an appointment.

When you're ready to start reaping the benefits of a finely tuned sales letter, get a professional copywriter to help. 

They know all the ins and outs for making a great ad and can easily give your business the unstoppable selling system it needs.