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Why Copywriting Is The Most Effective Form Of Advertising


Why Copywriting Is The Most Effective Form Of Advertising

Kevin Lim

There are hundreds of different advertising platforms to choose from. Yet none are as straightforward and effective as copywriting. (Or for that matter, a Singapore Freelance Copywriter.)

With a good sales letter, you and your company can profit immensely for years on end, and without having to set aside a massive advertising budget.

This is because copywriting is cost-effective, produces measurable results, and constantly works to sell for you.


Written Advertisements Cost Virtually Nothing

McGraw-Hill once did a study on sales techniques. They found that the average cost of one face-to-face sales call was $178. They also found that magazine ads, booklets, and television commercials all had similarly expensive costs.

However, the study also found that written sales letters averaged mere pennies per reader. As it turned out, Copywritten content was the cheapest and most effective way to reach large numbers of prospective buyers.

When you want to save money and increase your profit margins, start using sales letters to sell your products.


Measurable Results

Unlike television commercials or billboards, you can actually measure the effectiveness of your sales letters. Websites, email, and old-fashioned postage all enable you to look at how many people have seen your message and acted upon it.

This is great because it helps you to figure out exactly what works. You can re-use what's successful to keep boosting your profits. 


Good Copy Can Make Sales For You No Matter The Time Of Day  

If you hire a salesperson, there's only so much time they can spend on the job. Eventually they have to go home. A sales letter doesn't have this problem.

Good advertisements can keep on selling for you even when you're away from work. Clients can read your sales letter and decide to do business with you anywhere, and at any time. 

As a result, one piece of copy (written by an expert freelance copywriter) has the same selling power as a whole team of salespeople. 


A Successful Sales Letter Can Be Used Over And Over Again  

In face-to-face selling it's pretty hard to use the exact same pitch over and over again. Radio and television face similar problems.

But in the world of sales letters, many written advertisements remain effective for years on end. Companies can send these tried and tested ads to new prospects, winning them over and getting their business.

One good sales letter can last you five or more years, continually pulling in new clients and increasing your customer base the entire time.


How A Good Copywriter Can Help

When you want advertising that sells your products and services, you need to get professional help. 

Hiring a good freelance copywriter in Singapore ensures that you get high-quality sales letters that have been meticulously designed to maximise their effectiveness.

Having a trained freelance copywriter produce your ads is a tiny investment that produces huge results for your business. You'll be increasing your profits and winning over new customers in no time at all.

A good sales letter is less expensive than any other form of advertising, has measurable success, and can be used over and over for years on end.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a well-crafted sales letter?