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Why Copywriting Is Better Than Any Form Of Traditional Advertising


Why Copywriting Is Better Than Any Form Of Traditional Advertising

Kevin Lim

Guest post from a Singapore Freelance Copywriter staff writer
Many small-business owners suffer a horrible aliment. One that destroys their wallets while offering nothing in return. 
This issue? “Flashy ad syndrome.” 
Most entrepreneurs see an expensive TV commercial and think “I want that.” 
Then, they race out to spend big money on high-cost ads that don't do anything. Their sales never increase, their customer-base doesn't grow, and there are no noticeable benefits to their business.
This is too bad. Especially when there's a perfectly good, and inexpensive, ad medium right next-door. 
One that gets real, measurable, results.
It's called copywriting. And below, you'll discover why it's far superior to traditional forms of advertising.
Let's get started.


(Reasonably) Cheap To Produce

Commercials have insanely high production costs.
To make a commercial, you have to hire actors, rent recording equipment, and pay numerous consultants and back-end specialists (like sound engineers or editors). 
Copywriting, on the other hand, is very cheap. Even when working with an expert Singapore freelance copywriter, your production costs will be comparatively less than any TV or radio commercial.
Because good copy requires very little. There's no cameras or production equipment involved. Your sales letters and advertisements are created by a talented individual, keeping costs to a minimum.

Cost-Effective To “Broadcast”

Production costs aren't the only expenses that accompany tradition TV or radio ads. You also have to pay a station to air your commercial.
Copywriting doesn't have this problem at all. And in many cases, you can get your message out for free.
Using platforms like email, websites, and social media, you can get thousands of people to see your message without ever spending a dime. For business owners, this is fantastic. It lets you reach a massive audience while still saving money.


Reaches Target Markets

Radio and television ads go out to everyone, regardless of whether or not that person is interested in your product.
With copywriting, your message only reaches the exact people who already want to buy your products or services. Sales letters, blog posts, and emails can all be arranged so that they they specifically target “hot leads” (the people who want to do business with you).
As such, copywriting gets you more orders and interest than a traditional ad medium would.


“Makes The Sale”

Here's a secret.

Most ads don't actually sell anything.
They're so busy being “funny,” or “cool,” or “flashy” that they completely forget to close the deal.
How many times have you seen a funny or exciting ad, but had no idea what product it was selling? For most people, this happens quite frequently.
Good copy never has this issue.
A sales letter or email is specifically designed to make sales. They can still be entertaining or fun, but their end goal is directly sell a product or service.
This means that they contain a complete sales pitch, and ask for an order, all in one message.
With copy, you're sealing deals and selling goods right away. It's a quick, efficient, and highly successful way to boost your business.



With most ad mediums (like commercials), it can be impossible to tell how effective the message is.
There's no real system for gauging the metrics, and (at best) most marketers simply have to guess if a ad campaign is doing well.
Copywriting doesn't have this issue. In fact, you can measure every single ad detail.
Do you want to know how many people open an email?
Did the majority of people read through your entire sales letter?
What percentage of customers placed their order after seeing your most recent article?
These are all things you can measure in your sales letters. And by doing so, you can finely tune your message to be as effective as possible.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to boost your business and increase profits?
If so, you need to put more focus on copywriting.
A good sales letter will skyrocket your success and take your company to the next level.
By working with a skilled Singapore freelance copywriter, you'll develop expertly crafted messages that get customers excited to do business with you. 
Best of all, your sales letters and emails will be more profitable and cost effective than any ad running through a traditional television or radio outlet.


Image credit: Pexels