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Singapore Freelance Copywriter's Guide to Effective Communication With Design


Singapore Freelance Copywriter's Guide to Effective Communication With Design

Kevin Lim

When it comes to your marketing collateral, every element that goes into it contributes to its overall effectiveness, from the copywriting to the visual communication (i.e. graphic and web design).

In fact, graphic and web design is one of the most important elements of effective communication. The colours, images, fonts and layout of the information speak volumes about your business and should appeal to your target audience.

That’s why when you are working with a graphic or web designer, it’s essential that you have a good idea of the image you want for your business and you are able to communicate this effectively with the designer.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

1.     Successful marketing campaigns make use of multiple media and materials to reach the target audience. You need to decide which promotional and marketing items are best suited for your needs and plan for that from the beginning to save you time and money.

2.     Work with the graphic designer, web developer and Singapore freelance copywriter to focus on a core marketing message to use consistently throughout you’re your campaign, whether for print or digital media. Unclear and inconsistent messaging makes for a weak marketing campaign.

3.     Use the right information, in the right way for specific collaterals. Hierarchy for your key messages for different pieces of collateral is important for communicating information in a clear, precise and quick way.

4.     Make sure that the images work together with the copywriting and that they are not separate elements.

5.     The target audience determines the direction of your print and web design, and your message - so it is important to know what will grab their attention. Good graphic and web design will help create a map of what the audience needs to see in order to initiate action.

6.     Make sure your campaign is cohesive across all collateral to cement that unique image that successfully brands your business. 

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Image credit: Wesley Fryer