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Singapore Freelance Copywriter Blog: Hiring a Freelance Copywriter? What You Need to Know


Singapore Freelance Copywriter Blog: Hiring a Freelance Copywriter? What You Need to Know

Kevin Lim

Thoughts from a Singapore Freelance Copywriter's blog:

Hiring a new employee can always be tough. Sorting through applicants and finding the right person for the job takes time and effort. As a result, things can get a little stressful.
Luckily, this doesn't have to be the case.
In fact, simple planning and a few preset requirements can often be all it takes to eliminate worry and find the perfect candidate for the job.
In this article, you'll learn all the information you need for hiring a freelance copywriter in Singapore.

  1. Determine What Type Of Job You Want Done
    What do you want to accomplish? Are you looking for content that ranks well in Google? Do you want to launch a new email campaign? Or do you need sales letters?

    Whatever your goal is, look for someone who's experienced in dealing with projects like it.

    Getting someone who's experienced in a particular field is more important than hiring a general-knowledge copywriter. Because a specialist can do a much better job with your project, meeting all your needs.
  2. Figure Out The Appropriate Skill Level
    Not all projects require a veteran copywriter with years of experience and numerous awards.

    Depending on the type of job, and your budget, it's important to figure out which freelance copywriter will be the best fit.

    Simple tasks can be done by less experienced writers. While intricate projects, like ranking well in Google, should be handled by experts.

    Knowing what level of skill a particular task takes makes it easier to find qualified candidates.
  3. Set A Budget
    How much are you willing to spend?

    A good copywriter is an investment. And one that can easily double, or triple your business earnings.

    Because of this, it's important to look at what can be gained when you hire someone to write your copy. Especially since a quality sales letter can be used over and over again.

    When setting your budget, always look at how the project can pay for itself. This way you can focus on finding the candidate who'll give your business the best returns, not the person who's work is the cheapest.
  4. Ask To See The Copywriter's Portfolio
    You can learn a lot about a candidate's writing abilities by simply asking to see samples of their previous work.  

    Looking over these examples will give you a good idea about the candidate and their skills. Additionally, it will show you how their previous projects have turned out, and whether or not these were completed successfully.
  5. Ask Questions
    If you have a question, ask.

    Most writers are more than happy to talk about their work and accomplishments. And many freelance copywriters will gladly discuss project ideas with you.

    Asking questions, or having a quick project interview, will help you assess which candidate is right for you. It also ensures that you and the copywriter are on the same page, in terms of what needs to be done and when it should be finished by.


Image source: Pixabay