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Singapore Freelance Copywriter Blog: 11 Insanely Actionable SEO Copywriting Tips That You Can Use Right Now


Singapore Freelance Copywriter Blog: 11 Insanely Actionable SEO Copywriting Tips That You Can Use Right Now

Kevin Lim

Contributed by a Singapore Freelance Copywriter staff writer


My dad always had great advice. He was an engineer, so simplifying was part of his wiring. One night he was standing in the archway of the alcove where I kept my desk. I had my laptop and books, papers and assignments all over the place.

I wan’t doing anything. I was sitting there, staring at one of those iconic blue New York City amphora cups with a regular coffee. Half full, half empty. Getting cold.

He said, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I have so much work to do, I don’t know where to start,” I said. I sounded a little more whiny than intended, and he rolled his eyes at me.

“Pick up a book,” he told me. When I looked at him blankly, he said, “Any book. Just pick up a book!”

Without looking, I reached over and picked up a text book and started to hand it to him. He waved it off, and asked what it was. I said, “It’s A History of Narrative Film for my film history class.”

“Do that first,” he said. “And from now on, do the first thing that pops up in front of you and keep moving. That’s how things get done.”

He was telling me to take action. Any action. It didn’t matter where I started, just that I got started and not stop until I was done. Having college assignments due was apparently not sufficient reason to take action.

Having stuff that you are able to act on at this very moment is enough.

What was true then for Film History 225 is no less true for SEO copywriting. So what the hell are you doing? Here are some actionable tips you can use right now.


1. Know Your Audience

I thinks that’s enough said, but to elaborate―knowing for whom you are writing is the first thing you need to do. It’s the first thing that pops up in front of a copywriter. Do that first.


2. Create Awesome Headlines

Investing even what you think is an inordinate amount of time on this will pay off big. A great headline sets your content’s tone and catches the reader’s attention.                  


3. Use Numbers in Your Headlines

Headlines with numbers, studies show, are a hit with readers. Odd numbers perform best, get more clicks. Hey, who doesn’t love an engaging list?


4. Use Bold Fonts and Italics

I have a confession to make. I don’t like to read that much. If you aren’t a long-dead writer in the pantheon of literature from the 19th to the 21st century, I’m getting bored already. Using bold type and italics makes your copy more readable.


5. Shorten Paragraphs

Long paragraphs will lose readrs. Don’t go beyond three or four sentences. Why? See #4. Again―thank you. By the way, longer blog posts with shorter paragraphs statistically work best. Just sayin’.


6.. Go Ahead―Say “Because”

Not to sound like Samuel L. Jackson, but if you give me a reason, you’ll sound more credible BECAUSE credibility in writing builds trust and interest in what you’re saying.


7. Watch Your Language

Don’t use flowery latinate words when good old Anglo-Saxon English words will work (note: I said “work” not “suffice”). Don’t say masticate, say chew. Don’t say disintegrate, say break. Don’t cogitate about this too much, just think about it.


8. Remember To Take Your Meta

Dad wanted me to remember to take my vitamins. I want you to remember to use meta-descriptions. These are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages, and are used on SERPs to display previews. It was one of the first things I learned about as a copywriter, because it’s that important.


9. You’re Verbal? Good. Be visual, too.

Articles with infographics, pics, or video will have a huge impact on engagement and conversion rates. Some say it’s hardly SEO gold, but adding to the appeal of the post is still a win.


10. Write Strictly Unique Copy

My knee jerk reaction to having finished a chunk of copy is to run it through a plagiarism checker. Most of what I write is based on a lot of research, and even if I’m writing an opinion piece, I do it anyway. I don’t want to lose credibility because I was careless or unintentionally “borrowed” something that doesn’t belong to me. Be very mindful of plagiarism.


11. Proofread. Revise. Repeat.

My shampoo told me to lather, rinse, repeat. I find that herbal stuff to be kinda bossy. When it comes to writing, proofread, revise, repeat. I type quickly and poorly, and I hate typos. I had an English teacher tell me I was to writing what Elvis Presley was to rock ’n’ roll. What I might get away with in a fiction write, I won’t get away with in copywriting. Know your grammar. Break rules elsewhere.


Next Steps

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, just a bit shy of a dozen tips off the top of my head (because odd numbers perform better). Don’t stop here. Think about other tips and tactics you can use. Don’t let Dad catch you staring at your coffee.

For more copywriting tips, tricks and advice, keep an eye on our blog at


Image credit: Pixabay