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SEO Copywriting Best Practices


SEO Copywriting Best Practices

Kevin Lim

Guest post from a Singapore Freelance Copywriter staff writer


Are you a sports fan? Whether you are or not, we all have friends who are. They seem to come in three varieties.

  1. There’s that buddy of yours who shares an endless stream of consciousness with jokes and banter.
  2. The intellectual sports enthusiast who’s into analysis, breaking down the info and offering "true-dat" insights and knowledgeable opinions.
  3. The accountant type who probably is an accountant, and knows every stat of every player on every team since the beginning of time.

For the moment, let’s be in the same league, so to speak, as our bookkeeper friend. Before you do anything today, navigate to This is the WordPress Activity page.

Here’s some of the statistics you’ll see:

  • Over 409 million people view more than 22.7 billion pages each month.
  • Users produce about 64.3 million new posts and 42.9 million new comments each month.
  • WordPress blogs are written in over 120 languages, and among those in the Top 10 are English, Spanish, Indonesian, and Portuguese.

It wasn't all that long ago that there were a handful of serious SEO bloggers out there. Nowadays, there’s a lot of noise. Clients are quite literally asking for the best of the best of your work. SEO best practices have got to be part of your team’s arsenal.

They want, as one manager put it, work that incites your audience to engage in gut bursting laughs, that hits home with your powerful mind blasting truths. They want work that inspires great “aha” moments―that is truly innovative and truly creative in the greatest sense. 
If that isn’t intimidating enough, being unfamiliar with the best practices for SEO writing probably are. Well, don’t worry. When your turn comes to be up at bat, out on the field, or on the pitch, these SEO best practice tips will help you score big for the home team.


Incite Your Audience

Practice, as a matter of fact, does make perfect. Write, then write again, then write some more. Why? Because poor writing is SEO death. When you’re finished, make sure that the work is posted in the appropriate area of your blog or the client’s website. 

We all know you’re awesome. You’ve been practicing, right? But we’re all way more interested in our own awesomeness. What it is to be human, brah. So, answer pertinent questions, provide useful information, and don’t hesitate to be original. This is how you build connections.


Build Connections

Matt Monge of The Mojo Company says in his bio, "What makes me come alive is knowing that the work I do with organisations helps make those organizations better places to work every day." What does this have to do SEO best practices? Everything. Coming alive and making things better is also what it is to be human. 

Be human. Make connections. Make things better for your clients and customers.

We live in a world that needs humans to be more human, and connecting with people does just that. Matt achieves this through leadership and corporate culture development. We do it through writing that’s engaging and provides a fresh look at new and existing topics.

This is THE THING.


Develop A Content Strategy

Experienced content marketers will tell you, as I’m about to, that techniques and tools are continually evolving in SEO. We’re selling in a global marketplace. Unique identifiers make your copy richer and easier for users to find. Focus on the today.

The importance of UIDs cannot be emphasized enough. Along with that, the color of your writing and how it makes a splash in defining your brand’s voice is pivotal.


Set Your Priorities Right

In far too many companies, it’s policies over people. This paradigm undermines creativity and worker satisfaction, and brings about a phenomena I call priority reversal.

What happens with priority reversal is that rather than fostering an appreciative work culture, the prime concern is on job titles and maintaining a culture where a deficit thought process  and the status quo are wrongly given exaggerated importance.

Being mired in the status quo will not grow your skills and crate meaningful connections.

Neil Patel says it best. One of the biggest challenges bloggers and content marketers face is writing content that’s optimized for search engines, and that will also appeal to people. To borrow from Neil - people come first, before search algorithms.

Bringing the human to SEO copywriting best practices is something you can do now, and this will bring your content straight through to The 2016 Conversion Finals. So, you don’t get a ticker-tape parade. You will certainly produce rewarding work. And that’s just as fearsome as making that 3-point shot


Image credit: Pixabay