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New Web Tools and their Benefits (For business owners, copywriters and web designers)


New Web Tools and their Benefits (For business owners, copywriters and web designers)

Kevin Lim

Internet technology offers a slew of advantages for everyone from business owners to Singapore freelance copywriters, web designers and other creatives. Just tap into the net and you’ll find a range of web-based tools that facilitate access to benefits and increase administrative efficiencies.

Here are five interesting web-based tools that might help to solve a problem you’ve been having, or provide you with the means to do something quicker and simpler.


1.     Material Palette

What is it: Creates colour palettes based on Material Design, a methodology for making web app designs work across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Benefits: Generates suitable colours for primary text, secondary text, dividers and an accent colour based on two colours of your choice. 

Suitable for web designers and small business owners.


2.     Pilgrim

What is it: A site for designers to chat and discuss their work.

Benefits: Instantly set up a channel to communicate with one or more people without any signups or installations. Atmospheric sound effects and an animated indicator lets your know when someone is typing.

Great for designers and (also) freelance copywriters in Singapore

3.     Progressbar.js

What is it: Creates animated progress bars with SVG paths which works in all major browsers.

Benefits: Lets your create your own paths or use custom shapes so you can customize your own style of animation. Done with JavaScript to giv you more control and wider browser support.

Fantastic for web developers and small businesses


4.     Fontello

What is it: Provides you with all the icons you need and compiles them intoa set of your choice.

Benefits: The interface simplifies the process of customising your font.

Ideal for designers


5.     Trello

What is it: Project management tool that helps you get things organised in a fun way.

Benefits: Displays all the details, ongoing and completed tasks of your project at a glance with commenting, sharing, attaching files and prioritising.

A fantastic tool for business owners in and freelancers in Singapore.


Image credit: el cajon yacht club