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Marketing in the Digital Age: Copywriting, Web Design and Beyond


Marketing in the Digital Age: Copywriting, Web Design and Beyond

Kevin Lim

Marketing used to be a much simpler process. Chances were, you could move your product with just a compelling (copywriting) message and a great idea.

However, technology has made it more complicated today as marketers need to navigate the ins and outs of a whole slew of websites, TV channels, apps and social media. Now, instead of merely identifying need and communicating the benefits of a product or service through good copywriting and print design, you need to build an integrated, immersive experience to attract customers and ultimately persuade them to act.

Fret not, we're here to help. Here are three principles to guide you when marketing in the digital age.

1.     The advent of the Internet has changed the way marketing drives customers to ultimately make a purchase. The basic model was based on grabbing attention, presenting the benefits of your product, convincing people why they should get it, and driving them to action. However, upon seeing any marketing campaign now, consumers will likely head to the Internet first instead of the store, and be distracted by a slew of other similar products.

To keep your hard-earned potential customers, you need to focus on holding their attention instead of merely attracting them. This can be done through awareness, sales and customer referrrals. Every business needs all three, but in order for your marketing strategy to succeed, you need to focus on a primary aim and work on that. 

Of course, your business's copywriting and web design need to be top notch. In this case, hiring an SEO-trained freelance copywriter in Singapore to boost your website's SEO rankings can be a huge asset. 


2.     Have a dedicated marketing team to identify emerging trends, meet with start-ups and run test-and-learn programs. Once an emerging trend has been identified and deemed to be successful, it can then be scaled up and included in the team’s strategic process to achieve an awareness or sales objective.


3.     Identify clear objectives so you can prioritise according to the budget you set. After you have identified your priorities, you need tactical strategies to create solutions for your particular needs. Rather than chasing the latest fad, you need to focus on an approach specific to your need.

For more marketing, copywriting and creative design tips, keep a lookout on our blog at Singapore Freelance Copywriter


Image credit: Joe the Goat Farmer