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How to make the most of advertising (Tips from a freelance copywriter, for small businesses)


How to make the most of advertising (Tips from a freelance copywriter, for small businesses)

Kevin Lim

Advertising (and for that matter, copywriting and web design), no matter how creative, has to be effective for it to benefit your business.

So no matter how many trophies your advertising, copywriting or design may win at award shows for outstanding creativity, bottom line is if your advertising strategy itself is not based on sound business practices, chances are your adverting dollars won’t work for you.

When spending your resources on advertising, you might want to make a checklist that it covers the following: competitive analysis, right target market, competitive positioning, a suitable budget and whether your aim is build your brand or drive traffic to your store. Ultimately, the aim of your advertising (and copywriting) is to persuade your customers to act and buy your products.

Besides this, here are other ways to start you thinking on how to make your advertising (and copywriting) work best for you.

1.      If you have a product or service that is compatible with products or services, consider cross promotions. For example, the gym might offer its members discount coupons for a health store, and the health store might promote free trials at the gym.

2.      Floor graphics as a unique point-of-sale technique work to bring visibility to your product or service.

3.       On-site advertising via interactive product demonstrations at local shows and exhibitions give potential customers a chance to see how your product works.

4.      Drive traffic to your website and increase sales with sponsored web site links.

5.      Include a call to action on your ads to generate responses rather than merely buying a load of ads to build your brand.

6.      Get as much value as possible by co-sponsoring a local event on radio, getting additional mentions during commercial breaks, or additional ad or advertorial placements.

7.      Besides email, direct mail the old-fashioned way is a highly effective avenue of getting your prospect’s attention.

8.      If you have a great story behind your business or product or service, use to your advantage by incorporating it into your sales pitch.

For more marketing and copywriting-related tips and tricks, keep an eye on the Singapore Freelance Copywriter blog.


Image credit: Arturo de Albornoz