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Can Offline Businesses Benefit From Hiring A Copywriter?


Can Offline Businesses Benefit From Hiring A Copywriter?

Kevin Lim

Sometimes, small business owners don't see the value that good copywriting can bring to their businesses - mistakenly believing that copywriting is used exclusively in websites, email newsletters, and other online forms of communication.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Copywriting (and freelance copywriters) has been around much longer than email, the Internet, and even computers. In this article, you will find out exactly how using good copywriting (and excellent sales letters) can help your business even, if your company focuses on offline marketing tools.


Mail Order Business

Decades before computers or online newsletters, businesses were hiring copywriters to help sell their goods and services through the mail. 

Some of these companies direct marketed products (like books or beauty supplies) and would ask prospects to mail them money in exchange for a product. Other ventures used sales letters more indirectly.

Hotels, restaurants, and dentists would all use copywriters (often, freelance copywriters) to drum up new business. They would advertise special deals, send information on the services they had to offer, or simply introduce themselves to the reader.

These mail order advertisements did incredibly well and are still extremely profitable to this day. In fact, over 3.71 billion dollars are spent each year on mailed advertisements. And the companies that use these get more than their money's worth in return. 


Flyers And Brochures

Flyers and brochures are great ways to drum up business for your offline company. They can be used to tell people about your business and how it can help solve their problems. 

If you are having a special event, like a sale or grand opening, hanging up flyers can be incredibly useful. It spreads the message and helps to get more people through the door and into your business.  

A good freelance copywriter can work within the constraints of a flyer or other short piece of copy, creating an effective and persuasive selling tool.


Promotions And Special Offers

Many offline businesses can get a surge in customers by offering some sort unique offer. Restaurants will have buy one get one free specials, hardware stores might have a 10% discount day, and rental companies could have free bonuses for their big-ticket items.

A good freelance copywriter in Singapore will be able to convey these specials in a unique and interesting manner that gets people excited and engaged. This way you can maximize your promotions and win over as many new buyers as possible.

It's a great way to make sure that your specials are as effective as possible and can reach all the people who might be interested.


Closing Thoughts

Copywriting can do wonders for any type of business. Whether it's online or not. 

Many offline companies can still boost their sales and increase their number of buyers just by having a copywriter hep them with persuasive content.

These ventures can start marketing themselves through mail order offers, flyers and free information, or specialised promotions.

In any case, working with a trained professional (like the professionals at Singapore Freelance Copywriter) will boost sales and increase profits. If you own an offline business and want to make it as successful as possible, why not hire a copywriter to help you out?