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Time-Tested Ways to Boost Your Online Business


Time-Tested Ways to Boost Your Online Business

Kevin Lim

"Should I hire a freelance copywriter in Singapore?"

"What about improving my web design?"

"How is the copywriting on my sales page?"

Increasing sales through the Internet is really quite straightforward. You start by creating sales leads and drive traffic to your site. You then engage potential customers and try to convert them into making a purchase.

However, this is usually easier said than done. Here are some strategies that may help in boosting your online business.

1.     Focus on just one product – or a related set of products – on your home page instead of a whole slew of products. This way, you can focus your website's copywriting on a one key set of benefits and answer possible questions your customers might have. You can sell your other products by using follow-up offers.

2.     Test out where to place your opt-in offer for the most subscribers. Opt-in offers are a way of collecting customers’ email addresses so you can keep in touch with subscribers. Try placing it in a prominent position on your home page and see if this increases your list of subscribers. Be sure to also split test different versions of copywriting on your opt-in forms to see which copy converts best.

3.     Use your headline strategically. An incredibly written headline highlights one problem of your target audience and provides the solution by stating the main benefits of your product or service.

4.     Go into more detail about that problem in the first few paragraphs on your homepage. Then introduce your product or service as the solution to that problem.

5.     Include positive customer testimonials as a way of establishing credibility.

6.     Make sure your website's copywriting focuses on your customer and not yourself. Use the pronoun “you” instead of “I”, “me”, “our” or “we”.

7.     Convince your customers that they need to act now by instilling urgency in your copywriting. You can do this by offering a limited-time discount, offering free bonuses within a certain time frame, or offering a limited number of your product or service.

8.     Test placing images of your product to see where it gets the best response. Images are a powerful sales tool but sometimes, revealing your product too soon can kill a sale.

9.     Remind your copywriter to go slow with introducing your product in the copy. Take your time to build anticipation before giving people the solution (your product). Try using a hook to get the attention of readers before you try selling them your product, or you may just lose the sale. Remember to relate the problem first, and how you can solve the problem.

10. Follow up with your customers and subscribers by using auto-responders to maximise sales. You could send follow-ups to new subscribers as soon as they sign up, or periodically with existing customers.


Image credit: Robbert Noordzij