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Freelance Copywriter Blog: What Do Marketing And Outrunning A Hungry Bear Have In Common?


Freelance Copywriter Blog: What Do Marketing And Outrunning A Hungry Bear Have In Common?

Kevin Lim

Thoughts from a Singapore Freelance Copywriter staff writer


You may not realise this, but being chased through the woods by a hungry bear is a lot like trying to market your own business. Aside from the obvious connections (both can be scary and overwhelming) there are a lot of other similarities. 
In fact, below are a few of the things that both events have in common. There are also some lessons that can be learned from both situations.

Gaining Momentum is More Important than Anything Else

If a hungry bear burst out of the woods and started chasing you, you'd immediately take off running. You wouldn't worry about limbering up, or what the latest issue of Runner's World had said about proper running form. Nope, you'd be sprinting away as fast as you could.
Business is the same way. Operating costs, salaries, and a million other bills will all eat you alive if you can't bring in a profit. While you could make the classic mistake of sitting around and over thinking things, it's better to get started right away. You can always make improvements as you go, just don't let inaction consume you.


You Must Outrun the Competition

As the old joke goes: “You don't have to be fast to outrun a bear, you've just got to be quicker than the other guy.” That's true with marketing too. In many cases business owners get obsessed with finding the perfect sales pitch or selling point.
While you always want your marketing to be at its best, often times all you have to do is out pitch the competition. Maybe your blog posts are better, or your sales letters or a little bit sharper, or you direct market in a more effective manner. Whatever the case may be, just doing a little bit better than everyone else is often all it takes.


Sometimes it's Good to Have Some Support

If you were getting chased along by a big hungry bear who saw you as dinner on legs, you'd probably want someone to step in and save the day. And if you run a business, you've probably wished you had support as well. The work load can get to be too much, you feel like you don't know what you're doing, and everything becomes overwhelming.  
A freelance copywriter is that support. They can craft your sales letters for you, doing all the heavy lifting while you focus on other things. Being in charge of a company can be stressful and there's only so much you can do on your own.


Closing Thoughts

Being in business can be a lot like trying to escape a very hungry bear who's chasing you through the woods. If you don't take action you're doomed. You have to keep up with your expenses, out preform the competition, and should try to get help whenever possible. 
If you can do these three things you'll survive and thrive, growing your business while remaining safely ahead of your bills.


Photo credit: Pexels