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Freelance Copywriter Blog: The Number One Secret To Skyrocketing Your Sales


Freelance Copywriter Blog: The Number One Secret To Skyrocketing Your Sales

Kevin Lim

Are you a business owner who wants more sales and higher profits? (We'll include Singapore freelance copywriters in this group.) There's an easy way to do this. In fact, the secret to boost your business is so simple that many people completely overlook it.

Below you'll find out exactly how you can improve profits and take your venture to the next level in your quest for success.


Here's exactly what to do:


The 10 Second Test

The biggest secret, and key to making money off your products and services, is to perform “the 10 second test.” This is the foundation that all great businesses are based off of, yet many people completely fail to see the importance of doing this quick little assessment. 

The 10 second test works like this, you sit down and try to answer the following three business questions in less than 10 seconds total:

  1. What is your business?
  2. What goods or services do you provide? 
  3. How do buyers benefit from doing business with you? 

Knowing the answers to these will help you to focus on providing customers with the best experience possible. It also allows you to figure out your target audience and to define what makes your business better than the competition.  


Are You Focused On The Customer?

Overall, the 10 second test is going to be your biggest secret to business success. However, you'll really want to zero in on all of the different product benefits your brand can offer. 

People buy things because they believe that the product or service will benefit them in some way. Nobody spends money on goods that do nothing for them.

Take some time to think out all of the ways that your company can help others. What are things that your brand can do to make life easier for your customers? (For example, as a freelance copywriter in Singapore who's trained in SEO copywriting, I can help Singapore-based businesses and entrepreneurs to ascend Google's search ranks, pulling in more prospects and selling more products and/or services.)

Write these benefits down on a piece of paper. They'll give you a good idea of how you can better market your company and attract new buyers.   


How You Keep Your Company On Track

Managing your brand and figuring out what makes people buy from you is easy. However, there may be times when you're simply too busy to study these things. 

When business is good, or you're developing a new product line, you get busy. In these instances, you might want to call in for professional back-up.

Hiring a freelance copywriter can help you to determine what audience your product is for and how it will benefit them. Good copywriters will not only research this information for you, but also incorporate it into your ads and marketing campaign. 

This boosts sales and gets more people interested in doing business with you.


Closing Thoughts

When you're ready to make your business more successful, remember to use the 10 second test. This will ensure that you know who your business is for, and how it can help buyers.

In addition to this, it's a good idea to hire a Singapore freelance copywriter once you get busy. They can keep your marketing campaign on point, targeting ads directly to those who are most likely to buy. 

Using this simple test and some professional assistance will skyrocket your success and make your company more profitable than you ever thought possible.