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Copywriting 101: How To Increase Your Sales Without Expanding Your Customer Base


Copywriting 101: How To Increase Your Sales Without Expanding Your Customer Base

Kevin Lim

Copywriting 101: The power of sales letters

Suppose that you own a website that gets 100 visitors a day. On your website you sell a $200 product. 99 of the people coming to your website don't buy a thing. But, every day, one visitor always purchases your $200 item.

How would you increase sales?

Many business owners would think of options like these:

  1.  Pay for ad space
  2.  Create more content
  3.  Start “cold calling” people and asking them to visit our site

While these can work, sometimes, there is a better and easier alternative. And you're about to find out exactly what it is.


The Old Way

Many companies try to increase their sales by using old and outdated tactics. They try to double their customers by doubling the traffic. If 1 out of 100 people are buying a product, they try to funnel in another 1,000 visitors.  

The problem with this method is that it's difficult and expensive. Drumming up hundreds, or even thousands, of new leads a day can cost a lot of time and money.

As a result, you end up having to pump money into all sorts of ad campaigns, create all new content, and do a whole bunch of extra work. All to get a mere handful of new sales.


The New Way

The old way of doing things is tough. It can be frustrating and difficult, and the profit margins are incredibly low. However, there's a newer and better way to get greater results.

Copywriting can increase your sales without ever having to increase your audience size. Hire a good freelance copywriter to write a well-written sales letter, or simply tweaking existing content, can often lead to more orders without having to buy traffic or grow your company's size.

A good sales letter can raise conversation rates up to about 5% (though some do even better than this). That means you'd be getting 5 sales out of the same 100 leads, boosting your profits tremendously.

For comparison, a well-crafted sales letter can often outperform sites that are hundreds of times larger. This means that you can have the same selling power as a big site, without having the headache of having to manage huge amounts of web traffic.


Final Thoughts

Copywriting can do wonders for you and your company. It can give your sales a giant boost, without you needing to hunt down more prospects or do any cold calling. Additionally, it can give you a competitive advantage over all your business rivals.

Imagine making more sales than a bigger site, and doing so on a shoestring budget.

Of course, to get the most bang for your buck, it's a good idea to work with a professional freelance copywriter. These experts know exactly how to engineer high-quality sales letters with fantastic conversion rates and he profits.

If you are a Singapore-based company, working with a Singapore freelance copywriter will enable you to outsell your competition, without having to increase your business expenses. You'll be able to beef up your profits and enjoy higher sales rates than many of your industry's “big guns.”

It's an amazing way to improve your business and supercharge your success.


*Image source: Pixelbay