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5 Real Life Examples Of How Copywriting Has Saved Companies From Bankruptcy


5 Real Life Examples Of How Copywriting Has Saved Companies From Bankruptcy

Kevin Lim

Copywriting is such a powerful tool that entire businesses have been saved from ruin, just by switching their advertising campaigns. A good freelance copywriter can take a struggling venture and turn it around so that business takes off.

Here are 5 actual companies that were saved by clever copywriting:


1. Domino's Pizza  

The pizza business is one of the most competitive fields you can be in. For years, Domino's struggled to stay afloat, constantly finding themselves outclassed by bigger and more prominent companies.

Then, while trying to find a unique angle for their business, Domino's marketing department stumbled on a clever promise that was able to save their business. The company created their now famous “30 minutes or less” which promised to have pizzas delivered within half-an-hour.

This unique offer captured the public's interest and helped rocket Domino's from struggling company to internationally successful brand. 


2. M&M's

When they were first in development, M&M candies needed a unique sales pitch. The candy market was crowded already, and the company feared that failing to make their brand stand out would lead to ruin. 

Fortunately, a clever copywriter found something that would make M&M's one of the most popular candy brands in the word. This marketer discovered that the candy “melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

M&M candies have used this slogan for over 75 years and are currently one of the best-selling snacks in the world.


3. Volkswagen

When Volkswagen first hit the U.S. market, it seemed doomed to fail. The cars were small, not particularly good-looking, and didn't seem like anything most American buyers would want.

However, a creative staff of copywriters was able to take these problems and use them to Volkswagen's advantage.

The writers made ads that squarely addresses each issue potential buyers might have, while also giving customers a list of reasons that this perceived problem was actually a blessing in disguise.

The marketers would point out that the Volkswagen was small, but then also point out that it got great gas mileage. Or they'd note that the size made it easier to store in your garage. 

This clever campaign helped to make the a smash hit and Volkswagen continues to sell well to this day. 


4. Avis

This struggling car rental company sat in second place for years. Avis was never quite as popular as other brands, causing them to lose a huge share of the market. However, a creative copywriting staff was able to turn this problem into the company's greatest strength.

“We Try Harder” became the Avis slogan, and it took all public focus away from their struggles by turning the brand into an underdog.

Business picked up and Avis started to grow their customer base exponentially.


5. The Economy Of Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico is a country and not a company, it's used an incredible advertising campaign to help lift itself (and its people) out of poverty. 

When this tourism campaign started, many travelers believed that Puerto Rico was dirty and unsafe. But the country's sales letters managed to showcase all of the nation's greatest attractions, drumming up interest from excited vacationers. 

Within a few years of running their sales letter campaigns, Puerto Rico had managed to create thousands of new jobs and revitalized its economy. 


Wherever your business is in its lifecycle, good copywriting is a must - and a good freelance copywriter in Singapore can take you there. For a no-obligations chat on working together on your business's marketing copy, contact us today.