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Convert Leads into Sales with a Professional Copywriter


Convert Leads into Sales with a Professional Copywriter

Kevin Lim

So your website has been designed to be as engaging as you know how. You’re hosting it with a reliable hosting service provider and you’re drawing your target audience to your site. Yet, you’re not getting the kind of sales volumes you desire.

Perhaps you need to look into one of the most important aspects of bringing in new business and keeping your business growing – using persuasive words to do the actual selling. Hiring a professional freelance copywriter in Singapore to write hard-hitting content and copy for your web design project – or any other marketing material such as brochures, sales letters and radio commercials – could be one of the wisest decisions you can make regarding your business.

So what does a copywriter do?  Basically, a copywriter develops and writes the content and copy for the marketing material you use to promote your business. A good copywriter knows all the tricks of the trade to get your sales prospects to convert into sales leads and getting the sales results you want, mainly through the power of words.

It is probably a good idea to engage the services of a professional copywriter if you need to create noise for an upcoming product launch, or you need effective advertisements and marketing material to build your brand. Following are several marketing strategies where a skilled Singapore freelance copywriter can make a difference.


Brand Building

The ‘soft-shell’ approach, brand building works to generate good will towards your brand before any hard selling occurs, so there is a higher chance of converting potential customers. A good freelance copywriter can use words to warm up your target audience so they are more inclined to buy from you.


Direct Response

Skilled copywriting is essential for direct sales marketing to be successful. For example, if you own a direct sales site, you need to buy traffic through advertising. The conversion rate of your sales copy inevitably affects your return on investment in regards to advertising. Effective copy can create a high-conversion sales page ensuring your site generates more revenue from sales than your expenditure on advertising.

Another example of direct marketing is to create an email list to market your products or services directly to your target audience. These email marketing campaigns need skilled copywriting to convert interested leads into full-fledged customers.


Product Launches

Tantalising copy during the build-up to the launch of your new product or service can make a massive difference to promoting your product and subsequently, generating sales. A copywriter can create desire for a product long before the actual launch.


As most businesses can’t afford the services of a full-time copywriter, an excellent solution is to hire a Singapore-based freelance copywriter especially if your copywriting projects are sporadic. Of course, an option for you is to write it yourself, but it takes a certain skill to use the right words to persuade and subsequently convert leads into sales.

If you have any doubt at all that you can achieve this, then it’s best to save time, and in the long run money, by hiring a professional copywriter to work the magic.


*Image credit: Lidyanne Aquino
*Singapore Freelance Copywriter is a subsidiary of Squeeze Creatives