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5 Really Awesome Reasons to Engage a Freelance Copywriter (or Designer) in Singapore


5 Really Awesome Reasons to Engage a Freelance Copywriter (or Designer) in Singapore

Kevin Lim

The traditional business model of “hiring everyone you need and housing them in one office” is going the way of the dodo bird, and engaging freelance copywriters, designers and web developers has now become the more effective, affordable and frankly… smarter way to do business.

Here’s 5 fantastic reasons why outsourcing you work to professional freelancers (in particular, copywriters, designers and web developers) in Singapore will make your business more money, while saving you money.

5 Really Awesome Reasons to Engage a Freelance Copywriter (or Designer) in Singapore

1.       Freelance copywriters and designers work on a “per project basis”. This means you only need to hire them when you have a profit-generating project for them to work on. The more you’re paying your freelance copywriter or designer, the more money you’re making. It’s that simple.

2.       Personalised service. A freelance writer or web developer will gladly offer personalised, detailed services. Communication is simple – you speak to one person for all your needs. No red tape, stringent agency protocols or overly-complicated processes to concern yourself with. Any help you need is a simple email or phone call away.

3.       No “regular costs” to keep up with. Monthly salaries, CPF payments and bonuses really add up. While it may seem appealing to have a body in the office who’s “always around”, remember that as a business, you also need to pay this person all year round – even during lean times.

4.       Expand your team without expanding your office. Office space in Singapore is incomprehensibly expensive – so are utility bills. With a freelance copywriter/designer, all “office expenses” are covered by the freelancers themselves.

5.       Fresh insights and expertise. A good freelancer understands the importance of continually developing his/her craft, and is always at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry, globally. Freelance copywriters can get better results with updated SEO practices and more engaging copy/text, while freelance web designers can bring new life to your organisation’s websites with state-of-the-art, eye-popping technology.

So why wait? Speak with a professional freelancer today and learn how your business can build a better reputation with clients and make more money, with less costs/effort.