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A Quick Guide to Developing a User-Friendly Website Interface


A Quick Guide to Developing a User-Friendly Website Interface

Kevin Lim

Designing an awesome website involves a lot more than pretty pictures and fancy text (although those do help a lot). What you want is a website that “stays out of the way” of users – allowing your visitors to navigate your website according to their usage patterns, not yours.

What does this mean to you? Happy, highly engaged website visitors.

Here are 3 key points to note when designing a website interface that users love.

1.       Keep it Simple

The internet’s favourite user interfaces are invisible to the user, with only necessary elements being visible to the user. Each of these elements (be they buttons, images or animations) are serve a distinct purpose and make sense to visitors. Remember, when it comes to usable website design, it’s always function over form!

2.       Smart Copywriting

All user interfaces require intelligent copywriting (preferably from a professional copywriter). Keep your labels clear, precise and conversational. This is a task easier said than done. Trust us though, your audience will appreciate you for it.

3.       Provide Training Wheels, Then Take Them Away

No one wants to be overwhelmed when first arriving at a website. This can result in a bit of a conundrum if your site provides advanced features that cannot be simply left to the user to figure out.

The answer? Train your users with guides, on-screen prompts and tutorials – then give your users the open to remove them once they’re proficient.

These are just 3 ways you can design a better user experience for your website visitors. We’ll be giving you more tips in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, perhaps we should give you what we consider to be the most important tip of all….

…trust website development to the professionals! (After all, your business is worth the investment)