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Triple Your Reading Speed in 20 Minutes!


Triple Your Reading Speed in 20 Minutes!

Kevin Lim

If there's one skill that's essential for any good freelance copywriter, it's speed reading. 

Why? Because of the amount of research a reliable copywriter needs to put into each and every project. You see, while copywriters are expected to be experts at promoting everything from financial products to website design services to dog food - in reality, no copywriter has that amount of information packed into one brain. 

So what happens when you engage a copywriter to write about, let's say... real estate in Singapore? Well, he reads. A lot. Within days, the freelance copywriter you've engaged has to be knowledgeable on real estate in Singapore, because that's what his client expects, and that's how he's going to influence and sell to his client's customers. 

So speed reading can cut weeks into days, and days into hours. Pretty nifty eh? I've been utilising speed reaching techniques for over a decade, and can honestly say that this has been one of the most useful skills I use on a daily basis as a freelance copywriter in Singapore

Now, you can get started on the journey to speed reading too - in just 20 minutes. Check out this really insightful video from Tim Ferriss (author of the 4-Hour Work Week) and self-improvement guru). 

Disclaimer: Don't try the pencil technique with your Kindle! ;)


*Photo credit: Ryan Hyde
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