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Freelance Copywriter Singapore: Tips For Your Email Marketing


Freelance Copywriter Singapore: Tips For Your Email Marketing

Kevin Lim

So you’ve decided to skip engaging a freelance copywriter in Singapore, and implement an email marketing program on your own. After all, you've already prepared lots of content as part of your marketing strategy.

After carefully crafting your email, you’ve sent it off only to receive a lukewarm response with disappointing click-throughs. Email marketing can be a complicated affair and a challenge to get people to open and read your emails.  However, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process and success is quite achievable. Here are some tips to get your started.

1.     SEO: The main purpose of your email is to obviously drive traffic to your landing page or your website. Therefore, it is essential that you include the means to do this by including relevant links via your email and social media platforms.

2.   Design: Avoid an over-reliance of images in your email as most of your recipients will not see the images used in your email.

3.   Design and Functionality: Make it easy for the user to unsubscribe from your mailing list. When recipients get frustrated from trying to figure out how to remove their mail from your list, they might flag it as spam. Worse still, it might work against your reputation.

4.   Copywriting: Make your text short and use bold fonts and colours to highlight the key points of your message. The point is to make it easy for readers to scan for what they may be interested in instead of presenting a long email they will probably ignore and discard.

5.     Design: Make sure that your images are coded with both alt text and title text as different browsers will read those two types of texts differently.

6.     Functionality: end test emails before sending to the main list so that should there be any errors, you still have the chance to fix them.

7.     Copywriting: Email only when you have something valuable to say. Promise something good for your readers.

8.    Copywriting: Write to your readers not as subscribers but as real people. Use the personal pronoun ‘you’ to personalise your emails.

9.     Copywriting: Tell interesting stories that lead up to your call to action.

10. Make sure your readers know what they are expected to do next and why it is their best to act. Make sure your call to action is clear. 

For more tips on improving your email marketing, speak with an experienced freelance copywriter in Singapore

Image credit: RaHuL Rodriguez