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How Do People Read Articles Online?


How Do People Read Articles Online?

Kevin Lim

Thoughts from a Singapore freelance copywriter


Hundreds of studies have been conducted to try and determine how people read when they're online. Almost every single one of these reports found the same thing: People don't.

According to researcher Jakob Nielsen, only 16 percent of Internet users will ever read through an entire article. The rest simply scan, looking for any words or phrases that might catch their interest.
This is bad news for your business. Unless you can find a way to grab the reader's attention and suck them into your article. Surprisingly, keeping your readers engaged is much easier than you might imagine. In fact, here are a few tips on increasing the readability of your articles:


Use Big Headers That Readers Will See

People are busy. They have families and businesses. Some of them travel a lot. Others might have serious obligations that eat up their time. In any case, most folks simply can't be bothered to read through lots of information. Before they're willing to invest their time into reading content, people want to know how they will benefit. They'll scan over an article, hoping to see something relevant to their needs.
An easy way to convey information to your clients is to use large font “headers” that they can easily spot. By adding these you make it easier for the reader to get the gist of your article, and understand how your content can help them. When readers see a header that they like, they stop to read the content. And once they start reading they'll be more prone to do business with you.


Break big Ideas Up Into “Bite Size Chunks”

Many people get intimidated when they see a wall of text. In fact, a lot of folks “tune out” and stop reading entirely. They get nervous about having to read a lot of content and become overwhelmed.
You don't want your customers to get scared whenever they visit your website. Instead of writing long articles with big paragraphs and lots of text, try to break things up a bit.

Write shorter paragraphs and limit one idea to each section. This way nobody has to feel nervous when they log on to your website.

Additionally, short paragraphs help the reader stay focused. They can remember information easier and don't have to scroll around to try and recall what your article was discussing. Writing like this allows you to convey powerful information in a much simpler manner, and it can help increase online sales or orders for your business.


Seek Out Professional Assistance

One easy way to get readable content that your clients love is to hire a Singapore freelance copywriter. Doing so allows you to get top-notch content at an affordable price. It also ensures that your articles are read and that readers are compelled to take action.
If you want to increase sales, build your brand, and become the go-to expert in your field, why not work with a professional copywriter? They'll create killer content and turn your articles into “must reads” that clients can't get enough of.  
P.S. Always include a “P.S.” section at the end of your blog posts and sales letters. The two most read portions of any article are the headline and the “P.S.” This is because most site visitors will automatically scroll to the bottom as soon as they open your article. By including something at the end you can grab their attention and get them to read the body of your content.


Image credit: Pexels