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SEO Copywriting is Expensive! (Or is it?)


SEO Copywriting is Expensive! (Or is it?)

Kevin Lim

As a copywriter, one of the most common enquiries I receive is, “I need SEO copywriting for my website.” That's great. In today’s digital age, business owners and marketing professionals are recognising the critical importance of getting their websites to the top of Google’s rankings through organic means.

What happens next though, is quite often an almost universal reply of “SEO copywriting is expensive!”

Or is it?

While it’s true that SEO copywriting costs more than regular copywriting work, there’s also a good reason for that. I’ll skip all the “it takes more time, knowledge, skill and expertise to do SEO-specific copywriting” lines and just give you the primary reason why you will want to pay a premium for SEO copywriting:

I make more money for you. A lot more.

Your website needs more traffic. More traffic means more leads, which leads to more sales. While pay-per-click strategies such as Google’s AdWords are effective, these strategies’ longevity only lasts as long as your wallet remains open (which may not be very long, as these strategies are substantial daily investments). 

What’s more, you don’t want just any traffic travelling to your site. You’ll want the right type of traffic. As a professional SEO copywriter, part of my job is to do keyword research – to find out what words (i.e. search terms) people are searching with, and angle your website copy (text) to draw those markets toward your site. I’ll find the ideal combination of specific keywords and phrases that make up the majority of online searches and advise you on it. Why are these specific keywords and phrases so important? Because they’ll attract visitors that are interested in your products and services (so you won’t end up with a large volume of traffic that lands on your home page, then promptly leaves in 15 seconds).

As an SEO copywriter, my expertise is crafting stories that includes your keywords and phrases, woven intricately into your site’s pages. Sure, there are cheaper and less skilled writers who can inject keywords into your text, or worse, around your text as lazy meta tags – but you won’t get far with real visitors (and even Google’s surprisingly intelligent bots) with sloppy “SEO enhancements” like these.

What I’m saying is simply – when you’re hiring an SEO copywriter, you’re getting a lot more than a “writer”. You’re investing in a professional who’s a savvy salesperson (who knows how to sell your company, products and services to your customers – probably as well as any of your top salespeople) with a targeted plan for attracting the customers you need, to your website.

Remember that whatever you’re paying for SEO copywriting, is miniscule compared to the return on investment that you will receive. This is a once-in-a-website’s-lifetime investment, so allocate your marketing budget where it counts and earn (a whole lot) more by engaging a professional SEO copywriter