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Open The Gates With Call To Action Copy By Using These Simple Tips


Open The Gates With Call To Action Copy By Using These Simple Tips

Kevin Lim

[Copywriting tips from the Singapore Freelance Copywriter blog]


One of the biggest misunderstandings between a calm employee and a nervous boss is the perception of a sense of urgency. Or the perception of a lack thereof.

A sense of urgency is a priority because we need to react right now. It’s important on the job, it’s critical for the freelancer, and it’s part of what a call to action is about.

A call to action is sales promotion copywriting that spurs a sense of urgency by getting people to actually see and feel the need.

Call now! Click here! Act now!

And in case you haven’t already guessed, those three shout-outs aren’t going to work. Not anymore. The words-as-taser tactic isn’t going to get through because people want you to captivate and inform.

Neil Patel and other experts all say the same thing―the main reason why landing pages and sales pages are not converting is because of weak CTAs.


Powerful CTAs Give Value

If you want me to Click Now! you had better be sure that I’m the one benefitting from taking that action, because it sure sounds like you are. Think about your own experiences traveling from website to website. What get’s your attention? For me, it’s the free trial.


For example:

Free PDF―Everything You Ever Wanted to know About XYZ―Download Now


A solid CTA in 57 characters.

Call to action copy is like anything else in terms of value. Customers will click that button if they see the benefit in it. If they don’t, they’ll go elsewhere.

Rather than telling me to Click Now!, offer me something, or better, show me something good.

See the Difference, Show Me The Free Course, Get My eBook.

These are all examples of engaging, attention-grabbing CTA copywriting.


Powerful CTAs Are Gratifying

Know this―it’s not an issue of short attention spans. It’s an issue of customer satisfaction, and for CTAs, it’s an issue of offering immediate gratification. Whether it’s a bagel, a coffee, a burger, or a CTA, people will go to the places where they can get what they want quickly, for what they perceive as a decent price.


Powerful CTAs Offer Relief

Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Trigger said, ‘Passion doesn't pay the bills. Pain does. Find the pain. Offer relief. Get paid.’ An amazing call to action will do just that.


For example:

Frustrated about your finances? Most folks delay filing bankruptcy because they believe the process is too difficult, too expensive, or will destroy their credit. Not true! Get A Clean Slate.


Whatever the problem is, it needs to be solved and the offer for a solution has to be compelling and concise. The copy shown above did exactly that in 30 words.

The challenge for copywriters is to get the right people clicking. Whether it’s Click Here, Get The eBook, or Download Now, convincing a handful of people to do it each day will open the gates to consistent sales. The most powerful strategy for writing powerful call to action copy will urge the right people to not just click , but to follow through as well.

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Image credit: Pixabay