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Why Responsive Web Design is Crucial for Your Business


Why Responsive Web Design is Crucial for Your Business

Kevin Lim

The surge of smartphones in Singapore during recent years has led to a decisive split in website design. All over the world, companies are now asking themselves, “How does my website look on a tiny screen? Is it even functional?”

Just how widespread is mobile device usage in Singapore and around the world? These statistics may (or may not) surprise you:

  • Over 20% of all Google searches come from a mobile device

  • 36% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets

  • 25% of internet users access the internet only through a mobile device

  • Over 50% of all internet searches are done on mobile devices

  • From 2014, internet use from mobile devices has overtaken internet usage from desktop devices

  • A quarter of all mobile phones in the world are internet-enabled

How to Design a Mobile-Friendly Site

Over the past few years, there have been two primary methods to design websites for mobile phones. These being:

  • A completely different website for desktops and mobile devices

  • Responsive web design, which allowed the same website to organise content according to the size of an end user’s device

Google Recommends Responsive Web Design

The Internet’s most popular search engine has spoken, and recommend responsive web design as the way of the future. Such designs are simply more efficient as Google’s web spiders have less repeated websites and pages to crawl.

What does this mean for you? It means that if your website is designed using responsive technology, your site will receive a crucial SEO-boost from Google.

Additionally, other key reasons why responsive web design beats creating separate desktop and mobile sites are:

1.       Quality User Interaction

Your users can interactive with, share and link to your content more easily and effectively when there is only a single site to visit.

2.       Simpler Website Management

Updating your website with new SEO-friendly copywriting content, visuals or articles is halved with a responsively designed website. One round of updates for one website. It’s efficient, cost-effective and saves valuable time.

3.       Your Website Will Work Everywhere

When the iPhone was the world’s most popular smartphone, creating one version of your company’s website that would work on it was indeed a sound idea. Today, smartphones come in multiple sizes. Even iPhones can be found in (at least) two flavours!

When you factor in tablets and the fast-growing phablet market, the possibilities are endless. However, if your website is mobile responsive, you can be assured that your site will function on any device.

In 2015, give your site visitors a fantastic user experience across desktops, smartphones, phablets and tablets - and give your business a useful boost in SEO rankings, with responsive web design (further enhanced with professional, SEO-friendly copywriting).  

*Photo credit: Nigel Goldsmith
*Singapore Freelance Copywriter is a subsidiary of Squeeze Creatives