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Freelance Copywriter Blog: Superman's Top Conversion Copywriting and Landing Page Tips


Freelance Copywriter Blog: Superman's Top Conversion Copywriting and Landing Page Tips

Kevin Lim

[A blog post from a Freelance Copywriter in Singapore]


Engagement, engagement, engagement. Everybody’s talking about engagement. But what’s the most important thing to realise when you’re talking about engagement? Don’t say “engagement.”


It’s TIME.


Punctuality in life and in business is highly regarded because it’s a function of courtesy and respect. It’s not a superpower exactly, but it comes pretty close. When you arrive punctually for appointments, meetings, and dates, the message you send is that you value the other person.


   You’re meeting your date at your favorite coffee spot at 5:00. Here’s the thing, though―you get there early. When she walks in at 4:59, you hand her that double shot, low fat, no foam latte she loves so much. How will that set the tone for the rest of your night together?


   You’re meeting your date at your favorite coffee spot at 5:00, but you get there at 5:15, flapping your cape around like Superman on kryptonite. Why the show of false urgency? Lois Lane’s gone, brah.


When potential customers arrive at your website, make sure they get the latte.


I may never run out of words to express this, but I will very likely run out of time. The most important resource we have is time. Without it, there is nothing. No latte. No kryptonite Superman―not for long anyway.


To convert that website visit from a three second blank stare to a sale, the first and foremost point at issue has got to be an abiding respect for people’s time.


The second thing you have to do is communicate value. Getting that visitor to keep reading, and to then take action―it’s all about the ROTI.


Return on Time Invested basically translates to making the landing page worth it for me to have even paid your site a visit in the first place. ROTI is a super power, and there are essential elements to a landing page that have got to be Superman strong.


The elements listed below must be faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!


1.     The Headline―this needs to be Superman powerful. Experienced conversion copywriters will tell you they spend 50% or more of their time on this element alone.

2.     The Copy (i.e. copywriting) ―this needs to capture visitors like a villain.

3.     Benefits―this needs to show the visitor, in a compelling way, that you have their interests at heart and a solution to their problems.

4.     Call to Action―this needs to be done creatively, because a strong CTA is landing page gold.


The messages you (or your Singapore freelance copywriter) put out there on your landing page have to connect to people, what they’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing. You have to connect with people, build a relationship, and give them what they want.


People want benefit, of course. But let me reveal a big secret to you―all of this hinges on trust. Build trust and you’ll build connection. Connection leads to relationship. Relationship converts.


If you want to fly like Superman today, be sure to visit the KISSmetrics blog and check out their infographic entitled “The Anatomy of A Perfect Landing Page.” Like Superman touching down on Lois Lane’s balcony―another happy landing.


Well, landing page.


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