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The Singapore Freelance Copywriters' Toolkit: Helpful Online Tools for Research and Writing


The Singapore Freelance Copywriters' Toolkit: Helpful Online Tools for Research and Writing

Kevin Lim

The Singapore Freelance Copywriters' Toolkit

Staring at a blank screen when a deadline is looming can be one of the most terrifying experiences a freelance copywriter in Singapore can encounter. Of course, there are many tricks of the trade to get the creative and writing juices churning. In fact, the internet is no short of such tools to get you back on track when your copywriting is in need of a little boost.

Here are eight online tools for research and writing that you might find indispensable.

1.     Wordcounter

This online tool helps you to detect overused words in your writing. You can also use it to track the number of keywords in your document, especially useful if you’re working on SEO copywriting.


2.     Cliché Finder

If everything you put down on paper seems to be an old worn-out cliché, this useful tool will help you find it quickly so you can put the punch back in your copywriting.


3.     Imagination Prompt

This is the perfect tool for writer’s block. The Imagination Prompt helps kickstart ideas by giving you a writing prompt, either simple or complex.


4.     Unstuck 

An app that provides you with “on-demand coaching whenever you need to”, you’ll get a slew of tools to help you manage your work (whether it's copywriting or web design) such as mind-maps and to-do lists.


5.     Byword

Available on Windows and Mac Apps, Byword lets you write something on one device and share it with others. It also syncs to iCloud and Dropbox.


6.     Synchroedit 

This is a multiuser editor that allows users to edit the same document online at the same time without fear of accidentally overwriting the other’s work or passing around different versions of the work.


7.     Scrivener

A word-processing program that helps you order your research and notes with a system of folders, corkboards, notes and composing windows. Now you can keep all your references, notes and drafts in one place and navigate between them with ease.


8.     Evernote

This digital note-taker allows you to take notes on your phone via text, audio, video and photo, and synchs them across all your devices.


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Image credit: Connor Turner
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