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Improve Your Website Design for Better Conversions


Improve Your Website Design for Better Conversions

Kevin Lim

Congratulations, you have a brand new website and have unleashed it to the internet. Now, it’s time to sit back and wait for profits to roll in. Except… nothing’s happening.

Wait… what?

With dozens or even hundreds of competitors’ websites (in Singapore alone) competing for your potential customers’ attention, how can grab their attention and get them to click on that all-important “Buy” button? (Or at least, fill in your “Contact Us” form).

Here are a few simple-to-implement suggestions to improve your website for better conversions.

Make it Simple (Avoid the Overwhelm)

First impressions count! Statistics show that most web visitors have attention spans that rival those of goldfish (we’re not even exaggerating). If your website overwhelms visitors with too much information at a glance, they’ve already moved on to the next website (unless they’re really, really dedicated to your brand).

Make it Clean

Keep your website’s design and layout clean and focused. Streamline your content and capture visitor interest through intelligent use of images and videos. If you have links on your page, keep them all in the same area, or limit how many you have on any particular web page. Design your information to be displayed in a natural visual flow (left to right, top to bottom).  

Make is Complementary (to your Brand)

Your business’s website should complement your branding. Choose a colour palette that highlights your logo and brand personality. Studies have shown that a neutral colour palette, with small dashes of colour for key headlines can give your website a clean and modern look – while guiding website visitors to important content.

Make it Easy to Read

Keep paragraphs short, with white space in-between to allow readers to breathe and absorb your content. Use no more than 2 or 3 font types and make sure your text is easily readable across desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Make it Obvious

Ensure the most important sections of your website are easily accessible (and not hidden inside sub-menus of footer links). The same advice applies to your call-to-action buttons (i.e. the “Submit”, “Send” and “Buy” buttons that deliver money to your business).

Make it Mobile-Friendly

In today’s digital society, you just can’t tell which device your website will be accessed from. What you can decide though, is how your site will look on these devices. An intelligent website that adapts to any screen size is vital. Make sure your website is mobile responsive, or your conversion rates will take a dive.

Make it Professional

Your expertise, the area where you excel at - is with your product or service. Effective business owners understand the value of their time, and know the value a web designer and professional freelance copywriter can deliver. Your website can be a gold mine of valuable leads and sales – and a professional team can be the difference between a website that sells for you, and one that simply sits around in cyberspace.

*Image credit: Intel Free Press
*Singapore Freelance Copywriter is a subsidiary of Squeeze Creatives