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Bite-Sized Marketing, Copywriting and Design Tips for Singapore Businesses


Bite-Sized Marketing, Copywriting and Design Tips for Singapore Businesses

Kevin Lim

In the competitive world of business, being visible amidst all the noise can be challenging. This is where a good, if not great, marketing strategy can give your business that extra boost to rise above the competition.

Here are 20 bite-sized tips to give you some ideas about how you can use smart marketing, copywriting and design to get the results you want.

  1. Target the right audience specific for your product or service. Not everybody is a potential customer.
  2. Be consistent in your marketing message, throughout all promotional channels. A good way to ensure consistency is with a dedicated Singapore freelance copywriter.
  3. Keep adding something new to your business to create interest for your customers.
  4. Look for fresh ways to be a resource of valuable information for your target audience.
  5. Get innovative! Be different from the competition.
  6. Promote the benefits of your product or service clearly, without trying to be overly "smart". 
  7. Reward existing customers. After all, they deserve your love!
  8. Send articles and "hot news" about your promotions to appropriate blogs.
  9. Volunteer your products and services if what you have, can benefit those in need.
  10. Update your website frequently with fresh copywriting, web design and news that your customers would like to know about. 
  11. Create email marketing to be sent to individual customers rather than mass emails. Get a Singapore freelance copywriter to create engaging email marketing campaigns that convert into sales. 
  12. If you have a news section on your website, update it! Having an outdated news page speaks volumes about the care put into your business's website. .
  13. Make good use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  14. Avoid "self-aware" advertisements.
  15. Shape your marketing based on consumer preferences.
  16. Include the customer in your slogan.
  17. Use content marketing to market your business. Always engage a qualified SEO copywriter to create content for your website. 
  18. Network with the right people; it’s not the size of your network but the influence of the people with whom you are connected.
  19. Take advantage of your website as a full-time sales generator.
  20. Attract customers rather than pursue them. A site with good copywriting content and smart web design can do wonders to attract leads, then convert them into sales. 


*Image credit: mkhmarketing
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