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3 Simple Rules of SEO Copywriting – The “What NOT to do” List


3 Simple Rules of SEO Copywriting – The “What NOT to do” List

Kevin Lim

So you’ve set up a company, are developing a spanking new website and are now focusing on one of the most important aspects of digital marketing – getting your website to the top of Google’s rankings. After all, that’s the one that everyone clicks on.

Swimming through the ocean of information on search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting can be tricky though. The rules of SEO change quicker than the seasons and unless you’re up-to-date, the information you’re reading could already be outdated.

The easiest solution? Engage a freelance copywriter who is skilled in the science of SEO. Yes, I said it, the “Science of SEO”. Of course, there will be freelance writers who are themselves, utilising outdated SEO techniques. So, it’s great to equip yourself with a few simple SEO rules.

These “rules” are in line with Google’s business development and web ranking strategies, so you can be sure this list won’t be obsolete anytime in the near future (just in case though, keep an eye out for future SEO-related articles here on

3 Simple Rules of SEO Copywriting – The “What NOT to do” List

1.       Write in a specific way because “That’s what Google wants”.

Perhaps the biggest misconception of SEO copywriting (not only in Singapore, but around the world) is to “write the way Google wants”.

Search engines such as Google really don’t want you writing in a specific style to please them at all. If anything, these old fashioned techniques were devised to “trick” search engines into giving certain websites a higher ranking than they deserve.

Write content for your target audience, write often and write well. Those are the keys to climbing your site up the rankings.

2.       Create really “clever” titles to entice smart audiences

It’s tempting, it’s cheeky, it’s fun. So, why not?

Here’s why. If your target audience doesn’t immediately “get it”, they won’t click on it – and all that time, effort and money you put into your website/promotional materials/blog posts would have gone to waste.

Give people the essence of your article/promotion immediately and if they’re interested, they click to find out more. Here, if your product or service is what they’re looking for, you’ve got a sale!

3.       More key words, MORE KEY WORDS!!

Otherwise known as “keyword stuffing”, this practice no longer works. In fact, stuff your website with too many keywords, and search engines will hit you with an SEO penalty – dropping your site down the rankings for trying to artificially bolster its relation to selected key words.

These are 3 simple “NOT TO DO” items when it comes to SEO copywriting. We’ve kept this article short and sweet, because while a “Top 10” list is certainly sexier – these are the top 3 problems we see most often in clients’ previous marketing materials, and hope a simple list will help turn your SEO efforts around (better than a complex 10-item one).

Need more help? Feel free to contact us for all your copywriting and design and web marketing needs. Cheers!