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How To Use Pictures To Boost Your Sales


How To Use Pictures To Boost Your Sales

Kevin Lim

Ideas from a Singapore freelance copywriter

Adding pictures to your articles and blog posts is a very simple way to increase readership and convert more visitors into buyers. Images can do wonders to boost sales and make people realise the importance of what you are offering them. 
In addition to simply being good for business, pictures have a few other incredible benefits. They can allow the visitor to fully understand what your product is about, make potential buyers visualise that product in their own lives, and help search engines to rank your site higher.

Pictures Help The Reader Better Understand Your Product Or Service

Some people can't visualise what they read. This is actually quite common and can really hamper sales. In order to avoid this problem, add some pictures to your content. One good image can often help convey your point better than a 1,000 word explanation.
A crisp and relevant image can also “prime” the reader for the contents of your article. Showing new golf clubs at the beginning of an article about golfing will get the reader to start thinking about the sport before they even read the first word.


People Are Visual Creatures

While text is great for providing information, it isn't always the best option if you want to show people how they can benefit from what you have to offer. Many folks simply have trouble visualising written content. Because of this, a few well placed images can be incredibly helpful. 
Take a picture, or find a stock image, that highlights the benefits of your product or service. If you're selling a fitness program, take before and after photos. If you're offering lawn-care services, use an image of an well-kept lawn. The images you choose should paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind.


Pictures Help Boost Your SEO Score

A webpage with images on it will rank higher in search engines than one without. There are a few reasons for this too. First off, search engines will look at the image itself and provide your site with a rankings boost just for having pictures as well as written content. Secondly, sites that can keep readers engaged for longer get special SEO benefits like higher rankings.
If you decide to include pictures in your posts, Google and other search engines will make your content easier to find. This draws in extra readers and gives you free traffic. Essentially, good images help to bring you even more potential customers. And at no extra cost! Pair this with good SEO copywriting for a double whammy of SEO power.


Closing Thoughts

Adding pictures to your blog posts is an easy way to increase sales, make readers understand your product, and rank higher in search engines. It takes very little time to include an image, but the benefits are huge. Before you publish another post or write your next article, why not find some relevant photos? It could really help your sales.
lastly, if you're unsure of what types of photos you should use, or where to find quality images, why not hire a freelance copywriter in Singapore to help? They're trained sales professionals who can help you to find images that make it near impossible for the customer not to buy.