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Boost Traffic to Your Website with Effective Copywriting and Web Design


Boost Traffic to Your Website with Effective Copywriting and Web Design

Kevin Lim

The Internet is filled with a whole slew of websites competing for the attention of nearly 2.5 billion people who surf the web. In Singapore alone, you have access to millions of people looking for your freelance copywriting services, web design expertise, music courses and other business courses and services.

The question is, why would they want to go to your site? No matter how wonderful your site may be, you need strategies to get noticed by your target audience.

Here are eight tips on how to bring traffic along your way.

1.     Write articles with interesting headlines (such as "The Singapore Freelance Copywriter's Toolkit: Helpful Online Tools for Research and Writing") to draw attention. When shared on a social network, great headlines can increase your views dramatically.

2.     Make sure that the content of your articles is helpful and useful to your reader. Articles that have quality content fare better in search results. Offer your readers something that they can’t get elsewhere.

3.     Make use of calls to action (like "Contact us for a free consultation with a professional freelance copywriter in Singapore") such as inviting readers to write in with comments, or visit a site. Calls to action will get readers to revisit your site and stay on the page.

4.     Engage with other related sites and blogs and leave comments on their posts. Short of advertising your own site, interacting with the community is a good way of getting people to find your site.

5.     Use social networking to your advantage. Posting compelling content and making yourself visible online will attract readers to your site.

6.     Create a Facebook page for your site in order to share content with your followers and advertise your site.

7.     Use attractive, modern web design for your site, make sure it is easy to navigate.

8.     Keep your website simple and clean. Too much information and clutter will detract from your site. Remove any unnecessary visual elements so important items are highlighted. 


Image: India7 Network