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Google’s Upcoming Update: Will Your Website's SEO Be Affected?


Google’s Upcoming Update: Will Your Website's SEO Be Affected?

Kevin Lim

It’s official. On 21 April 2015, the world’s leading search engine, email provider and supreme ruler of the internet, will roll out their next major update. Will your website retain its hard-earned “page one” ranking, or be slapped into the pits of pages 2 and beyond?

It’s All About Responsive Web Design

This time, Google are looking ahead and placing a huge emphasis on responsive web design. In other words, “Is your website mobile friendly?” Does it scale according to the myriad of smartphone, tablet, phablet, netbook, laptop and desktop monitor sizes in the market?

As a comparison of the discrepancy in sizes between these items - in my household, we have a 5” Moto G, 9.7” iPad Air 2, 13” Macbook Air and a 27” Dell monitor. Your website has to work perfectly on every one of these devices, or your Google ranking may taking a significant hit after 21 April 2015 (that’s around 22 April in Singapore).  


Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Just how should you determine if your website is mobile responsive?

1.       Test your business website on different devices and see for yourself how well your website scales to each device.

2.       Alternatively, load up your website using any web browser, then click and drag the corners to adjust the size of the browser – your website should adapt accordingly.  

3.       Otherwise, you can use Google’s helpful “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool to check if your website gets a passing grade.


Successful SEO in 2015

We’ve discussed this in other articles on before, so if you’d like more information on this topic, just head there. As an overview, here’s what you’ll want to focus on to excel with your SEO efforts in 2015:

1.       Intelligent, SEO-friendly copywriting that speaks to your customers. Always remember that your website content is meant to be read by real people, so keep the copywriting style tailored to their preferences (not Google’s).

2.       Ditch any “SEO tricks” you may have heard of. There’s no such thing as “Instant SEO” (not anymore, anyway). Avoid keyword stuffing like the plague, and understand that while meta keywords may not hurt your website, they don’t help it either.

3.       Embrace mobile responsive web design. Don’t just do it for Google’s sake – make your website mobile responsive and your customers (and prospective customers) will love you for making their lives that much more convenient.

The clock is ticking. Is your website mobile responsive?

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