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Powerful Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Powerful Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Kevin Lim

While running a successful small business is no easy feat, it certainly isn’t rocket science either. Utilise these simple, powerful tips to improve your brand visibility, gain leads and make more money.

Marketing Tip 1: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

This seems a given, but you’ll be surprised at how many small businesses simply do not market themselves properly. If you’re posting on Facebook once a week, or randomly putting money into Google AdWords, that’s not marketing – it’s “hoping for the best”.

Marketing Tip 2: Good Copywriting = Good Marketing

Is your website effective at selling your products and services? Are your flyers, electronic mailers and other marketing collaterals bringing in leads for you? Quality copywriting transforms any marketing tool into an incredibly effective salesperson.

Marketing Tip 3: Design Targeted Advertising

Customers today are bombarded with advertising messages from every angle. Mass market advertising messages and visuals will simply be ignored. Instead, focus on communicating (through effective copywriting and design) with one specific type of customer per advertisement, and watch as response rates soar.

Marketing Tip 4: Create Excitement with a Giveaway

If you have a product that’s consumer-friendly, create a buzz with a simple contest. Have your customers and their friends earn themselves extra chances to win by sharing news of your contest, and be rewarded with impressive organic, non-paid advertising reach.

Marketing Tip 5: Attend Networking Events

As a small business, you need contacts – the more, the merrier. Don’t worry if the people you meet aren’t buying from you. They could be potential business partners, or they could offer a referral (if they like you enough). Make sure to design some snazzy business cards to distribute, just in case.

Marketing Tip 6: Start a Podcast

Over the past few years, podcasts have quickly become one of the Internet's hottest marketing tools. If you’ve got the gift of the gab and an attractive, magnetic personality, this could be an ideal advertising avenue for you. If you’re concerned about not being able to think on your feet while being entertaining, write a script (or engage a freelance copywriter to do it for you) and always know what to say next.

Marketing Tip 7: Create Multimedia Content

Good design brings eyeballs to your website or social media page, while quality copywriting sells your products and services. However, perhaps the fastest way of attracting visitors to your website in the first place, is through video content. Create a short video that people will love, share it, and once your audience lands on your website, let the page content (i.e. the writing) sell your product or service to your captive audience.

Marketing Tip 8: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Love them or hate them, Google has organised the web for the better. With cheap SEO tricks out of the way, scammers and low quality websites now rank the way they should on Google’s search engine – poorly. The good news though, is that with a skilled SEO copywriter, you can create unique, engaging content that will not only convert site visitors into customers – your content will see Google give your website the thumbs up, and give you that all-important first page ranking that every business craves.