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Why copywriting is a little more than just…. typing grammatically correct text into paragraphs.

Kevin Lim

Copywriting is often one of the most overlooked aspects of content creation. In fact, it’s common for business owners to think,

“Everyone’s learnt how to write in school, so why hire a copywriter when I can write the content myself? (Or have someone in my company with “good English” write it for me).”

The thing is, writing quality marketing content requires a completely different skillset from “good English”. Good copywriting isn’t simply writing about your product or service – it incorporates your target audience’s needs, wants and aspirations, and then matches your business offerings with those desires, creating a tantalising proposition that prospective customers won’t be able to pass up.

Simply put, intelligent copywriting can dramatically increase the conversion rate of your website.

Quality copywriting is also SEO copywriting. In an age where websites offering similar products and services as your own can number in the hundreds or thousands, it’s important to make search engines happy with SEO-friendly copywriting. Thanks to search engines’ constantly upgraded SEO-criteria, the days of “cheap SEO” using blatantly manipulated techniques such as keyword stuffing, are over. Today, SEO copywriting means utilising intelligent, organic, content-driven copywriting that fits your business perfectly.

So remember, engaging a professional copywriter doesn’t actually cost you a cent in the long run, it pays. With smart copywriting, you will:

-          Attract more potential customers to your site (with better SEO)

-          Create a great first impression with attractive content

-          Convert more website visitors into customers

-          Build a professional brand image

Smart copywriting goes hand in hand with good website design. Speak to us and have your copywriting, design and SEO strategies incorporated into an effective online marketing plan.

….and remember, it isn’t that easy to be a copywriter. ;)