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Because, every website’s prettier with Bootstrap technology.


Because, every website’s prettier with Bootstrap technology.

Kevin Lim

Cheers and a big congratulatory shoutout to Wunderbar, home of authentic Bavarian draft beer, on the launch of their website – (even their URL shouts of authenticity).

Conceptualised by the creative minds at, together with the vision of Wunderbar co-owner Emily Yeo, was put together in under 2 short months – this included copywriting, logo creation and website design.


Animated Bliss, Without the Network Load

As our first website showcasing the revolutionary Bootstrap technology, this project excited us. In our hands (or rather, our mice), was the ability to create websites that truly “pop” – with animations, interactions and an overall feel of liveliness, previously reserved exclusively for (the more restrictive, software and platform-dependant) Flash technology.


Adapts to All Screen Sizes

In a world of portable devices, it seems almost impossible to design an “old school” website that reads perfectly on both a 24” monitor, and a 4” mobile phone screen. Enter Bootstrap technology, and self-adjusting intelligence.

Check it out for yourself, have a look at the Wunderbar website on your mobile phone to see how the content dynamically changes according to your screen size (it even adapts from phone to phone – for example, the iPhone and the S4). In fact, take a look at our website, Singapore Freelance Copywriter from another device to see how this technology changes the game in an era of portable devices. Screen minimising, tiny text and hard-to-click buttons are a thing of the past with a quality, Bootstrap-built website.

Once again, congratulations to our friends at Wunderbar for the launch of your exciting new business venture. We’re certain you’ll make a lot of people drunk, and very happy, in 2014.