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Improve Your Copywriting in 15 Minutes


Improve Your Copywriting in 15 Minutes

Kevin Lim

Creating compelling copy is no easy task. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from improving the quality of copywriting in your marketing materials. Good advertising copy helps your audience get the message immediately and effectively – and inspires them toward taking action (read: to buy from you).

Take note of these quick tips and in less than 15 minutes, you’ll have a set of winning strategies for vastly improving your marketing results.

Copywriting Tip #1: Know Your Audience

Who is this *insert any common marketing device here* meant for? It doesn’t matter if your primary avenue of marketing is a website, electronic direct mailers (eDMs), brochures, flyers or print advertisements. What you need is to have a picture of your ideal customer in your head, then walk a day in their shoes.

What’s important to them? What are their passions? What brands, products and services do they identify with? How old are they? The more intimately you understand your audience, the more relevant your copy will be to your audience.

Copywriting Tip #2: Attract Eyeballs with a Compelling Subject Title

This is one of the most unfortunately overlooked aspects of email marketing. You’ve done the hard part and created an impressive eDM. Now, you pass it off to your administrator to forward to prospective customers – without first creating a compelling subject title.

You’ll need a compelling subject title to attract people to read your content, instead of simply thrashing your email. Be sure to spend adequate time on this!

Copywriting Tip #3: Be Honest, Direct and Confident

Because nothing says wimpy and untrustworthy, like weasel words such as “maybe, try”, “wish”, “hope”.

Copywriting Tip #4: Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials

We cannot stress the importance of customer testimonials enough. Your satisfied, paying customers’ words can do a lot more to influence new customers, than anything even the best of your marketing efforts have to say. Of course, be sure to edit the testimonials for English and relevancy (with the testimonial providers’ knowledge of course).

Copywriting Tip #5: Clean, Clear Copywriting

Eliminate superfluous paragraphs, unbelievable boasts and other nuggets of information that were simply there to “beef up the content”. It’s said that the average person’s attention space is now almost on par with a goldfish. This means that your copy needs to grab their attention immediately. When the stakes are high, there’s no time (or reason) to beat around the bush.

This is of course, not an exhaustive list of copywriting hacks. It’s just a simple introduction into the possibilities that can be opened up with better copywriting. Now get to work improving your marketing copy, or contact a professional copywriter for expert assistance.