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Digital Marketing 101: Effective Online Marketing with Good Copywriting, Design and Websites


Digital Marketing 101: Effective Online Marketing with Good Copywriting, Design and Websites

Kevin Lim

Digital Marketing basically involves the promotion of a brand, product or service through one or more forms of electronic media with good copywriting, design and web design. Besides the Internet, other channels associated with digital marketing include digital television and radio channels, wireless text messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, and mobile instant messaging.

It is the responsibility of digital marketers to monitor what is being viewed, the frequency and the duration of what’s being viewed, as well as which content works.


Why is it important

Digital media has become such a pervasive part of our lives that consumers are exposed to all sorts of information that is, more often than not, beyond your control. Not only will they hear what you say about your own brand, but also what is being said about your brand from external parties. As consumers want brands they can trust, the success of your brand will depend on the feedback of these external parties, whether positive or negative.


How to make Digital Marketing successful

It’s important to know your customers so thoroughly that you can best choose the best channels to communicate with them where they are most likely to respond. Therefore, you need to consolidate information of customer preferences and expectations across all channels associated with your digital marketing strategies. The deeper your insight into your customers’ preferences, the better your position to persuade them to act.  

The three main points to digital marketing success are as follows. Firstly, manage customer relationships across a variety of channels. Secondly, initiate and respond to customer interactions. Lastly, extract value from big data so you are better able to make quick decisions. 


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